About Us
About US
To build up conta報音cts between Chinese culture and the glo那低bal world civil飛明ization.
Company profile

Shaanxi Yi Space Cult看船ure & Media Co.,Ltd is l從妹ocated in Xi'an, Shaanxi,錯美 China. 

As a company in a famous histo媽開rical city, we take t國又he responsibility of Chinese cultural 厭上inheritance and sharing.&nbs煙朋p;

We are committed to exhibiti坐可on exchange and cooperati音火on among international mu靜劇seums, and we will 友友integrate all relative reso風現urces in a global per亮山spective to promote 年遠the development of C腦些hinese museums.


History provides inspirati學厭on for the future.&nb身短sp;

Adhering to the concept o日嗎f globalization and su雨農stainable developmen音光t, we provide o視們ne-stop service of通討 exhibition exchange for museum 低房institutions all a唱吧round the world.

Main business
International exhibition exc區雪hange, domestic exhibitio現務n exchange

history and archaeology 飛玩/arts/comprehensive/na站森tural sciences

Cultural-derived service

R&D of cultural-derive吃吧d product/ education pr睡習oject/  produ間銀ct customization

Ticket agent servic農土e

Museum tickets &道對 exhibition tickets/sc影自enic spots tickets